Myth #1

I Have To Wear Lingerie Or Be Naked, Sexy Is Not Something I Own

Not true, boudoir is about building body confidence. So there are no rules for what you must wear. You are sexy in your own skin, so clothing is optional. You are always welcome to go as nude as you like, but you are also welcome to stay in whatever you feel confident in. The session is about making you feel epic in your own skin and as the photographer of your session, my goal is to show you how you really look vs how you see yourself and how you really look is gorgeous!!!

So let’s rock your session!

Myth #2

The Woman In Your Photos Are Models

Fact - The women on my website are just the woman who have given me permission to post their photos. Most of them are mothers, single ladies, wives and just incredible women. A little bit of makeup, hair and confidence can go a long way. (You can do the hair and makeup yourself if you want to)

Myth #3

I Need To Lose 10 More Pounds First.

My boudoir sessions are about empowering women. I want you to feel amazing just the way you are. It’s my job to make you feel comfortable and capture those natural laughs, eye sparkles and any of the other quirks that make you, you. That and expert posing, lighting, lens choices and wardrobe selection. So bring clothes that make you feel sexy and I will work with you to position your body in positions to make you sexy and you will leave the session feeling good about yourself!

Myth #4

I'm Too Old To Be Photographed That Way.

Age is only a number, and doesn’t depict what you can and cannot do. Besides, the older you are, the more you should celebrate your accomplishments! Things like stretch marks aren’t a reason to be shy, celebrate them, they tell a story, a child in your life. You body has changed throughout the decades and is worth celebrating at each stage of success.

Myth #5

Boudoir Is Expensive And I Feel Guilty Spending That Money On Me.

You are worth it. Invest in yourself. This is more than investing in yourself, it’s investing in your self confidence. Most commonly, I hear moms expressing the classic mom guilt. You are a better mom if you are a happy mom. It’s also important for your kids to see you feel confident in your own skin, being a good role model for them and how you want them to feel about themselves. On top of that, these photos will only bring more value over time. Besides that, find the right photographer and they are likely to offer payment plans making the session more affordable than you think.

Myth #6

I  Don’t Know How To Do "Sexy".

It’s ok, the goal isn’t to do “sexy” it’s to be yourself and rock your body. I will guide you through the body positions and provide encouragement and coaching the whole time. You will be amazing at how just being you will look sexy when you receive your gallery.

Myth #7

[Insert Personal Fear Here].

There are so many many reasons you are afraid to do a boudoir session and I promise you, if you book your session with me, I will return images you will love and you will wonder why you didn’t book a session sooner!

So conquer your fears, be brave, be bold and be beautiful!!

Blog Post Inspired and Written by @crystaljessup